SUDESO (Sustainable Development Solutions  will focus on the following priority areas.

4.1 Promotion of water supply in urban and rural areas.

4.2 Promotion of sanitation

4.3 Promotion of hygiene education and practices

4.4 Promotion of agriculture to attain food self sufficiency

4.5 Protect and care for the environment for sustainable development

4.6 Lobbying and advocacy for the marginalized and the poor

4.7 Promoting economic emancipation through small income generating project activities/entrepreneurship.

4.8 Improved shelter especially in rural areas and slums in towns.

4.9 Promoting integrated health.

5.1 Approaches – SUDESO adopts and adheres to participatory approaches in facilitating implementation of community-based projects. We strongly believe that sustainable development can be attained through participation of stakeholders and development partners. The approaches applied include; Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Participatory Urban   Appraisal (PUA) and Participatory Learning and Action (PLA).

5.2 Strategies

5.2.1 Water Supply

Rain Water and run-off harvesting

Underground water exploration

5.2.2 Sanitation

Campaign and educate about  fecal matter disposal

Infrastructure improvement for latrines

5.2.3 Hygiene

Behavior change campaign

Educate about good hygiene practices (five domains).

5.2.4 Agriculture

Encourage and promote irrigation.

Use animal and plant manure.

Promotion of drought tolerant grains.

Application of appropriate tools

5.2.5 Environment

Campaign against agriculture practices which cause deforestation

Educate and promote awareness of preserving forests using local methods

Promote tree planting campaigns by establishing forest and tree nurseries

Campaign against reckless solid waste disposal

5.2.6 Lobbying and Advocacy Education about policy and policy formulation at grass root level. Target policy and decision makers. Campaign against Laws which hinder development

5.2.7 Economic/Entrepreneurship Small and medium income generating projects Promote local market structure Raise awareness of alternative external market for local products Encourage value addition to local products

5.2.8 Shelter/Housing Create awareness within the communities to understand the relationship which exists between better shelter and health. Campaign for improved roofing in the rural areas (earth and straw roofing) Explore alternative appropriate technology for housing

5.2.9 Health Prevention initiatives through education and awareness creation campaign Campaign about nutrition as an essential component for improving and maintaining good health